Nico du Plessis

Non-renewable vs Auto-renewable Subscriptions for iOS

I’ve recently had to choose between auto-renewable and non-renewable subscriptions for one our of iOS apps. After I tried to figure out which type of in-app purchase to use for about a week, I finally decided on using auto-renewables for the app. Using auto-renewables is the more attractive option for you as an iOS developer, since Apple takes care of the user management.

Things I Learned From My First Startup

Back in 2008 I sort of stumbled into my first startup, Glucode. Apple had released the first public iPhone SDK to developers earlier that year and iPhone apps were fast becoming the popular thing to do. At that stage I was not familiar with Cocoa or Objective-C, I did not even own an iOS device.

Hello World!

As part of my 2012 resolutions, I’ve finally decided to give blogging a serious chance, so here it is.

I guess this blog will mostly contain work related topics, mostly revolving around software engineering, design and User Experience (UX). Every now and then I might throw in a personal post. If my writing interests you, you might also consider following me Twitter.